Can O Cedar Mop Heads Be Washed

Can You Wash O-Cedar Mop Head In Washing Machine?

Can you wash O-Cedar mop heads in a washing machine

Cleaning the flooring is not an easy task whether you have hardwood, carpets, or tile.

Can You Wash Mop Heads-An Ultimate .

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This is where O-cedar mops come into play. They are specifically designed to clean floors and other surfaces that are hard to clean.

The mop heads are made of multipurpose microfiber that can be used with your regular cleaner to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that thrive on floors.

Since it deals with cleaning the dirt and bacteria off the floor, just like any other floor cleaner O-Cedar mops too require regular cleaning.

O-Cedar Mops are durable and can be machine-washed or hand-washed depending on your preferences. Once you are done washing them you should lay them flat to air-dry naturally.

In this article, you will learn, when and how to clean the mop heads in an effective way.

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What is O-Cedar Mop?

O-Cedar is one of the leading brands that manufacture multiple cleaning tools used in almost every household.

The list is vast and a few top products include mops and their refills, brooms, scrubbers, gloves, etc.

O-Cedar Mop is basically a floor cleaner with a long stick and a microfiber cloth attached at the end of the stick.

It is a utility tool that helps to ease your regular and hectic household cleaning chores.

Can you machine wash the O-Cedar mop head?

Depending on the material type and the instructions outlined in the package, you may either wash your O-cedar mop head in a washer OR by hand wash.

In most cases, microfiber mops and refills can be washed in a machine. You can also hand wash them as long as you are comfortable doing that.

Once you are done with the wash simply lay them flat to Dry naturally.

For machine-washable mop heads, just use a light detergent and the hot water setting for the best possible results.

Additionally, for optimum cleaning and to deodorize the mop head, you may also make use of white vinegar.

Note: Generally, microfiber refills come along with the package that can be replaced when the existing one wears out.

Can you machine wash the spin mop head?

A spin mop head can certainly be cleaned in a washing machine.

The process is fairly simple, just take the pad off the frame and throw it in the washtub and run the desired cycle.

With that said, you should avoid bleaching or fabric softening synthetic spin mop heads.

Note: Mops with brush or sponge heads should not be washed in a machine, instead, hand-wash them in hot water. Furthermore, it is not possible to wash a non-detachable spin mop head in a washer.

How often should you wash mop heads?

Since every home is unique, the need for cleaning floors using a mop may differ. Likewise, the frequency of cleaning the mops themselves will vary.

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In short, washing or cleaning the mop heads depends on the frequency of their use and the intensity of dirt accumulated on them.

However, it is always a good idea to clean the mop heads thoroughly at least once every week.

The washing frequency will increase if you have pets and kids at home. It’s best to clean them as and when needed.

Why do you need to clean the mop heads?

Before storing them away, they are often rinsed with clean water.

Doing this makes them appear cleaner for the next use but this is not always the case.

Over time dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate on the mop head fibers.

Not cleaning the mop heads will eventually lead to the accumulation of dust mites, and other allergens that may cause several respiratory issues.

Moreover, an unclean mop will start releasing a foul smell in the household.

To ensure that they work effectively and stay fresh, simply wash them thoroughly on a regular basis.

Always make sure that the mop heads are thoroughly cleaned including the corners before the next use.

How to Remove and Wash O-Cedar Mop Head?

Mop heads are pieces of microfiber cloth or a sponge fixed to the base of the mop’s handle.

There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from and they can also be disposable or reusable.

Most manufacturers offer refills as a replacement if the existing mop head wears out.

In order to wash the O-Cedar Mop head, you will have to detach the microfiber padding from the base frame.

Note: O-Cedar recommends replacing the mop heads after every three months of use. Hence it becomes important to know how to remove them. It can either be done for thorough cleaning or simply for a replacement.

Remove Mop Heads

Instructions to remove Mop Heads

Step 1: Detach the Mop Head from its Handle

The handle stick that holds the mop head on the bottom frame should be detached.

In order to detach the handle stick, Turn or roll the handle towards the left direction by holding the mop head still.

Step 2: Set them apart

After you separate the mop head frame from its handle, keep the handle aside. Now it’s time to remove the fiber cloth of the frame.

Step 3: Remove the Microfiber From the frame

The frames of O-Cedar mops that hold the Microfiber cloth are usually in a rectangular shape in most cases.

At the base, you will be able to find another interlocking frame.

It is easy to separate these frames by pulling or pushing in their respective directions.

Step 4: Prepare them for washing

Put the frames aside and remove excess dirt from the separated microfiber. You can do it by simply patting it on a flat surface.

How to wash a mop head?

Washing mop heads can be done by hand or by using a machine.
Let us look into the steps below on how to wash them either way.

Hand Wash

Instructions to Hand Wash Mop Heads

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After you have successfully detached the mop head off its handle stick you may simply follow the below steps.

Pre-Treat the Mop heads

Before you start with the wash process make sure to dust out the excess debris and dirt from the microfiber.

Now, rinse it thoroughly using clean water and you may proceed with the hand wash steps.

Things Needed

  • Basin or a Sink filled with Lukewarm water
  • Mild Soap or a suitable cleaning solution

Step 1: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a mild soap or a cleaning solution to it. You can also add a small amount of vinegar to the solution.

Note – Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions that contain bleach, ammonia, or other abrasive agents. These will damage the microfiber and may void the warranty.

Step 2: Soak the mop head in the solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this will loosen the dirt and debris.

Step 3: Swish around the basin filled with water to clear the loosened dirt and debris.

Step 4: Wring out the mop head gently a couple of times before rinsing it off with clean water. This will help eliminate any excess water that may be clinging to the fibers.

Step 5: Empty the dirty water from the basin and replace it with clean water. Now, rinse the mop head thoroughly after soaking it in clean water for around 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary to remove all traces of soap or cleaning solution.

Machine Wash

Instructions to Machine Wash Mop Heads

Step 1: Remove the microfiber cleaning pads from the mop.

Step 2: Pre-Treat them by patting them off the floor and rinsing them with clean water.

Note – For machine washing the mop heads it is necessary to pre-treat them. Rinse them with clean water thoroughly to discharge excess dirt and debris.

Step 3: Load the mop head to the washer and add a mild soap or a suitable cleaning solution.

Note – Use a laundry mesh bag for washers with agitators. Simply put the mop head in the bag and throw them in the washtub. Doing this will prevent the mophead from tangling with the agitator and other items.

Step 4: Run a regular or delicate cycle as per your load type and wait until the cycle completes.

You can use either cold or slightly hot water settings (40°C should be fine).

If your washer supports setting a specific spin speed then simply set it to low or medium.

Lastly, do not over-wash the mopheads, or else they may lose their shape and start fraying.

Step 5: Remove the mop head from the washtub. Squeeze and remove excess water and hang them for air drying in a well-ventilated area.

How to dry a mop head?

After washing, the mop heads tend to get heavier, especially the mopping pads made of microfiber cloth or the sponge.

  • To wring excess water you can fix them onto the handle and wring it out the usual way.
  • To absorb excess water out of the mop heads simply use a soft dry towel or a cloth and wrap them. Gently press to soak excess water and leave it for some time.
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Now, hang dry the mop head in a well-ventilated area until it is completely dry.

Alternatively, you can lay them on a flat and dry surface or use a drying rack and spread it over for air drying.

The mop heads can also be dried by fixing them to their handle after the wash. Simply place them upside down in a well-ventilated area after wringing out excess water.

To dry them even quicker, you can make use of a hair dryer.

Make sure to use it on a low heat setting and on a clean surface by simply spreading the head out. You will have to move the head around so that it dries evenly.

Tips to maintain the Mop heads

One of the most common concerns of using a microfiber mop is that the heads can become clogged with dirt and bacteria.

As a result, the mop will not be able to clean the floors effectively under such conditions.

Therefore, you may simply follow the below tips to prevent this from happening.

Regular Cleaning

Ensure that the microfiber mop head is thoroughly cleaned after every use as a first step.

To do this, wet the head and wring it out thoroughly.

Then, clean the dirt and debris off the head using a dustpan and broom. Simply do not forget to clean the mop head using a damp cloth.

Rotate the Mop Heads

Rotating mop heads on a regular basis is another technique to keep them from getting blocked.

By doing so, the cleaning effort will be distributed more evenly over the floor surface.

Final thoughts

Rinsing the mop heads thoroughly after every use will help to reduce the frequency of washing them.

Make sure to rinse the mop heads and do not forget to wipe off its handle after every use.

Do not use harsh chemicals or unsuitable solutions for washing mop heads, unless the instructions suggest.

For any doubts simply look into the care instructions or get in touch with the supplier or the manufacturer.

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