Do Mixtiles Stick To Textured Walls

Do Mixtiles Ruin Walls?

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Absolutely! Just pull gently on the front of the tile, and it will come right off the wall. Because our tiles are made of plastic and not foam core, they’re super durable; you never have to worry about damaging a tile when you remove it.

How do you get Mixtiles off the wall?

Pull up on the tiles from the bottom gently when you’re ready to remove them. Take hold the bottom edge of the tile and lift it away from the wall at a slight angle. Doing so will gradually weaken the grip of the adhesive pad, causing the tile to come away with little effort.

Is there something better than Mixtiles?

Overall, the Snaptiles build quality was loads better than Mixtiles. Not just because you can rearrange each tile endlessly because they stick together through magnets, but because the quality control is actually there.

Is Mixtiles expensive?

Mixtiles cost $49 for the first three, and $9 for every Mixtile thereafter. Shipping is free (although it’s basically just built into the cost of the first three Mixtiles).

Can you replace photos in Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are 8″ x 8″ square foam tiles on which your pictures can be printed. These super light weight pictures have adhesive tabs on the back to stick them to the wall. They are able to be re-stuck again and again to change the design.

How many times can you move Mixtiles?

Our mission: to remove the pain and hassle of hanging up your favorite photos. That’s why we developed a special adhesive that lets you move, adjust, and re-stick your Mixtiles at least two dozen times, without ever damaging your walls. Go ahead, change it up with the seasons.

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Do Mixtiles actually stick?

Hanging the Mixtiles

It took Jeff and myself approximately an hour to hang the entire wall! I think part of the was because of our previous experience hanging a wall so we knew how to measure. But part of it was the ease of the pre-stick tiles! … The adhesive on the tile is actually really strong.

Is there a cheaper version of Mixtiles?

There are several free photo-tile printing apps available, such as Mixtiles and MeshCanvas by Printage. … Cost is similar for each example: $49 for three with Mixtiles, and $9 for each additional tile printed, $46 for three with MeshCanvas and $10 for each additional canvas.

Do Mixtiles work on textured walls?

You just grab the Mixtile at the bottom and lift up to peel it off the wall. It leaves no residue or anything like that and it can restick. … These can stick to textured walls, brick, glass and even wood.

Do Mixtiles work in bathrooms?

We’ve heard from a few people who’ve put the tiles up in their bathrooms. Humidity isn’t an issue, but it’ll be best not to let them get splashed since they aren’t waterproof. Of course, if there’s ever any trouble with them staying put, I’ll be glad to go ahead with a full refund!


What are Snapfish photo tiles?

These sets allow one photo to span across multiple tiles to create a beautiful statement piece. Made of lightweight foam with beveled edges, this split photo tile set comes with self-adhesive magnets for easy hanging and repositioning. NUMBER OF PHOTO TILES: 4+

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Where is Mixtiles based?

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Mixtiles is a fully distributed company that employs dozens of remote professionals worldwide who share its commitment to excellent customer service.

What is a TilePix?

What are TilePix? TilePix are unique frames with “Stick-n-Slide” magnetic hanging system that lets you easily mount and reposition frames without removing the adhesive wall-patch or damaging your walls!

How big is a Mixtile?

They’re frames with your photo prints that can stick and unstick without doing damage. We recruited help from Meagan Clanahan, co-owner of Houston Moms Blog. She sent us five high-resolution pictures that we uploaded to the Mixtiles website. Each tile is 8 inches by 8 inches and comes in a variety of frame choices.

What is a gallery wall?

A gallery wall (or salon wall) is loosely defined as a collection of items: framed artwork, photographs and personal treasures hung in a grouping. … “We see people mixing in a lot of personal photos, and even wall-hanging plants have become part of the gallery wall today,” she says.

How do I save my Mixtiles when I move?

Regular kitchen wax paper works well to protect the stickies if you need to pack the tiles up.

Can Mixtiles be removed?

Mixtiles are removable, reusable and don’t damage your walls!

How much is PhotoSquared?

PhotoSquared is a simple and beautiful way to style any space (and they make a great gift!). Squares costs just $9 each, and shipping is always free! The best part about these PhotoSquares is how simple it is to free your photos from your phone.

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Who owns Mixtiles?

Mixtiles founders Eytan Levit and David Katz realized this, and decided to disrupt the framing and photography industry by making it more affordable and wall-friendly to hang your photo memories on the wall.

Are Mixtiles magnetic?

1. They stick, restick, and restick again. These tiles stick to your wall as easily as a magnet sticks to your fridge. With their patented adhesive backing and a special design that actually uses the weight of the frame to hold itself against the wall, there’s no worry about them falling.

How do I pay for my Mixtiles?

For now, we’ve just got credit card and Apple Pay as options. Hopefully we’ll have Paypal available in the future!