How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

Can I have two Venmo accounts?

How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

There are two instances in which you may be able to have multiple Venmo accounts:

  • If you have a joint bank account¹, or if you share a debit card with another Venmo user²
  • If you have a business Venmo account³

This guide covers all the details you need to link a joint bank account to Venmo, and explains how business Venmo users can get both a professional and a personal Venmo account.

We’ll also cover how you can send money online with Wise to send money overseas with low and transparent fees – save up to 6x compared to old-school banks.

Can I have more than one Venmo account?

You may be eligible to open 2 Venmo accounts if you share a joint bank account or debit card with another Venmo user, or if you have a Venmo business account.

The ability to link 2 Venmo accounts to one joint bank account is being progressively rolled out across Venmo, and means that people who share a bank account can more easily use Venmo to send and receive instant local payments. It’s worth knowing that not all Venmo users can access the joint account feature just yet – in this case, it may still be possible to link a shared bank card instead.

Business Venmo account holders must also have a personal Venmo account – we’ll look at how Venmo business accounts work in more detail in just a moment.

can i have two venmo accounts

How do I set up a second Venmo account?

If you share a bank account with a partner or family member you can have 2 Venmo accounts linked to the same joint bank account or card.

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In this case, the Venmo user who linked the bank account first will be notified when a second user tries to link the same bank account. This is for security, and so you’ll always know if someone else is trying to use your bank account for payments.

The steps you’ll need to go through to add a second Venmo account to a joint bank account are as follows⁴:

  • Open the Venmo app and sign into your account
  • Tap the stacked lines logo or the single person logo, on the top of the screen
  • Select Settings and then Payment methods
  • Tap Add a bank or card
  • Add and verify your bank account information, following the prompts on the screen

You’ll be able to verify your bank account instantly by signing into your online banking service – this is easiest – or using a manual process, which can take up to 3 business days.

Can I have a second Venmo account for my business?

If you want to set up a Venmo for business account, you’ll need to also open or link an existing Venmo personal account.

If you already have a Venmo personal account, and you’re eligible for a Venmo business account, you’ll be able to automatically link the 2 and then toggle between them. Alternatively you can sign up to both a personal and business Venmo account at the same time.

Wise card

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It’s on average 6x cheaper than old-school banks when you send, spend or withdraw money around the world.

  • Free to create an account
  • No monthly fees
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No hidden exchange rate markups, even on weekends

All sources checked on 27 October 2023

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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How Many Venmo Accounts Can I Have

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