How Much To Tip Window Washers

Do You Tip Window Washers? (Find Out Now!)

Do You Tip Window Washers

Your windows desperately needed to be cleaned, so you had to hire a professional. Those high window panes and dangerous climbs are not safe for a cautious homeowner. So, do you tip the window cleaner? And if so, how much is enough?

It’s acceptable to tip window washers for their services. That’s because they work hard and may encounter danger to clean your windows. They also don’t make a lot of money. So, offer a tip of 5% or more to show your thanks.

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How Much To Tip Window Washers

Are You Supposed to Tip Window Washers?

In general, the people who wash windows do not expect a tip. They are already paid for their work either hourly or through a salary. But it’s okay to show your appreciation with some extra cash.

Most window washers won’t ask or wait for a tip when they get done. So, either add it into the final bill or hand it to them directly. However, there may be some pushback if the company has a policy against workers accepting tips.

Try not to offer extra payments until you speak with the company. Find out if it’s appropriate to provide tips to their window washers for excellent work. Then, determine the amount and ask if you’re allowed to give tips to workers directly.

What You Should Expect to Pay for Window Washing Services

Window washing services usually aren’t cheap. The average cost is somewhere between $150 and $400, depending on several factors. The size and condition of your windows may increase or decrease the price. So, ask for a detailed breakdown of your bill when you get a chance.

Expect to pay a few hundred dollars at least. And don’t wait for your homeowner’s insurance to kick in either. Most of the time, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for professional window cleaning services. But read your insurance policy just to be sure.

NOTE: Most homeowners budget at least $10 to $15 per window and an extra $4 to $8 for each dirty pane.

5 Reasons to Tip the Pros Who Clean Your Windows

You may think that your window washers make plenty of money, but you could be mistaken. Even so, their willingness and ability to beautify your home is worth something. So, here are five good reasons to tip window washers when they get done:

#1. Some of Your Windows Are Hard to Reach

The windows on a two or three-story home are high in the air. That means cleaners must stretch and reach to wipe and wash. Not only is that difficult, but it can also be hazardous. If their safety gear isn’t secure, someone could get injured.

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#2. The Grime on Your Windows Can Be Nasty

It doesn’t take long for the windows in your home to get dirty. And cleaning double-hung windows can be even more disgusting. But professionals have the tools and techniques to get it done without disgusting everyone in the house.

#3. Cleaning Windows Take More Skill Than You Realize

Getting dirty windows clean can be tricky. That’s especially true for window panes made from a porous material like wood. But even aluminum windows require special skills and equipment to get clean. So, recognize the talent.

#4. Workers Must Ensure the Elements to Clean Your Home

It’s not always a beautiful sunny day when your windows get cleaned. Sometimes, it’s cold, windy, or even rainy outside. Yet, a good window cleaner always shows up on time. They finish the job despite any uncomfortable elements or special requests.

#5. Window Cleaners Don’t Always Make Good Money

Regardless of what you pay, window cleaners don’t make a lot of money. Their salaries are comparable to that of most other service industries. So, workers generally depend on client generosity to make ends meet.

Offering tips for service is by no means a slap in the face. You are not assuming how much someone makes, nor are you insulting. Instead, giving a gratuity shows your appreciation and respect. Window cleaning isn’t easy, but some extra money can show how much you understand that.

Do Window Washers Make Good Money?

Professional window cleaners aren’t rich. Their prices don’t always reflect how much profit they generate as individual workers. Companies set the costs, and window washers just show up for the job. Unless they own the business, they seldom have much control.

Experts in the field may not make as much money as you think. Even with over 20 years of experience, the average window washer only makes about $20 per hour. That hourly rate decreases steeply as the years of experience fall off.

So, many window washers appreciate tips from homeowners. The newcomers are often incredibly grateful because their average income is around $15 per hour. When every penny counts, a generous bonus from a grateful homeowner goes a long way.

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How Much Do You Tip Window Washers?

The service contract you sign will outline the amount you’re supposed to pay window washers. You are not obligated to pay a cent more than what’s written there. So, talk to your team immediately if you see any pricing discrepancies.

It’s essential to pay your bill in full and on time. That way, the cleaner doesn’t suffer loss because of your negligence. Some companies may even dock a worker’s check if the client doesn’t remit payment promptly.

Meanwhile, try to tip generously for great work. The average tip hovers around $5 and $20, depending on the total bill. However, you can give back faithfully by calculating a percentage instead.

TIP: Calculate the total bill and then find 5% to 10% of that to determine an appropriate gratuity.

Is Window Cleaning Even Worth It?

It may be expensive for you to clean the windows in your home. However, the cost is usually worth it. Window cleaning not only improves the aesthetic of your property but can also save you money. In the long run, maintaining your house is always the best answer.

Regular window cleaning helps reduce the normal wear and tear on your home. Professionals can help spot problems with your structure, namely in high or hard-to-reach places. Then, you can make necessary repairs before they get out of hand.

And while most insurance companies don’t mind if your windows are dirty, buyers and realtors do. Unclean windows can make your home look dingy and outdated. So, buyers may not offer as much for the property or might request cleaning services before closing.

Related Questions

Why Is Window Washing Important?

Window washing is vital for several reasons. For one, it helps get rid of potentially dangerous contaminants and pollutants. Often, microscopic debris harbors airborne bacteria that can cause illness or injury.

Clean windows may also help cut down on your utility bills. Clear panes let more light inside. That means you’ll use interior lights less often and enjoy a lower monthly fee as a result.

Do You Tip Window Cleaners for the Holidays?

Tipping is usually appreciated regardless of the occasion. But holidays may be especially difficult for people working in the service industry. That’s especially true if they provide services that are primarily outdoors.

So, it’s socially acceptable to tip window cleaners for the holidays. Just be sure the worker isn’t somehow unassociated with that particular holiday. For example, try not to offer Channukah tips to someone who celebrates Christmas.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

Clean your home’s windows regularly. That means you should wash them at least twice per year, if not more. Once in the spring and once in the fall are generally enough. However, each house is different, and the climate therein matters as well.

For instance, homes in arid environments may require more frequent cleaning than homes in temperate zones. To achieve the best results, talk to window cleaning professionals and determine a schedule. Keep in mind that you may have to clean some windows more often than others.

Do Professional Cleaners Clean Both Sides of the Window?

Most professional window cleaners address the interior and exterior pane. That’s especially true for double-hung windows and specialty designs. However, that’s not always the case. So, be sure to go over the service contract before forming any expectations.

Having a professional clean both sides of all your windows may cost a little more. Still, some companies may offer discounts to customers who pay for large orders. It’s important to budget for dual cleaning even if the workers can’t oblige. That’s because you’ll have to pay for it eventually.

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How Much To Tip Window Washers

Clean Windows, Clean Conscience

Ignoring the efforts of service workers is easy, but acknowledging their expertise may not be. Still, window washers deserve your gratitude and respect. After all, they’re doing a job that you either can’t or won’t do yourself.

A generous tip goes a long way toward establishing a good rapport with your local cleaning company. So, check their policies and offer an extra 5-10 percent as a way to say thank you.

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