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The 10 Strongest Glues of 2023

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Updated on 09/21/22

With super glue on hand, complex repair jobs become quick fixes. And if you’ve got a DIY spirit, you can also use it to build cabinets, hem a pair of pants, install flooring, build a railing, make your own lampshades, or create artwork.

We researched the best super glues for every project, considering the packaging, drying time, and intended use of each. Gorilla Super Glue Gel checked all of our boxes, earning the best overall spot. The no-mess packaging and quick drying formula make this pick ideal for vertical surfaces, and it also lasts against shock, impact, and inclement weather.

Here are the strongest glues for any project and budget.

Our Top Picks
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Best Budget:
Best for Plastic:
Best All-Purpose:
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Best Overall

Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel

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  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • No-run formula
  • Quick drying time
  • Runny formula

Gorilla’s Super Glue Gel has a no-run formula that won’t drip after applying it, making it ideal for vertical surfaces and even ceiling applications. It takes 10 to 45 seconds to dry, depending on how much you use, and you don’t have to use a clamp to bond it. This extra-strong, long-lasting cyanoacrylate glue is also made to resist impact and shock.

It effortlessly bonds to many different materials, including wood, metal, ceramic, stone, leather, fabric, rubber, paper, and most plastics. An airtight, anti-clog cap prevents Gorilla Super Glue Gel from drying out, so you can use it again and again until you run out.

Users love the formula as well as the mess-free packaging, which ensures your fingers or materials won’t get stuck to the bottle. They report using it on various materials without fail, but some did note that the consistency can be a bit runny compared to other options.

Drying time: 10-45 seconds | Size: 0.71 ounces | Compatibility: Plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper and more (not polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials)

Best Budget

Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

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  • Affordable
  • User-friendly bottle and tip
  • Easy and clear instructions
  • May need to squeeze hard the first time to get the glue out

Loctite Ultra Gel Control will only run you a few bucks, which is a steal, considering its strength and versatility. The rubberized formula provides a powerful, long-lasting bond. It resists wear, shock, impact, and vibration—even on products used daily in harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures.

This super glue bonds to virtually all household materials, like plastic, wood, metal, fabric, and ceramic. The pinpoint nozzle makes it easy to apply with precision. It sets in one minute and cures completely within 24 hours.

Drying time: 10 seconds | Size: 0.14 oz | Compatibility: Ceramics, leather, rubber, wood, paper, metal and plastics

Best for Plastic

Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush

Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush

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  • Great for plastic
  • Easy-to-use brush tip
  • Strong glue
  • The small bottle can be difficult to open
  • Dries out easily
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If you’re looking for something to use on plastic, we recommend Krazy Glue Home & Office. The versatile formula and applicator brush make it easy to bond plastic products of all shapes, sizes, and weights. You’ll get an instantly strong hold that stands the test of time and a clear, barely noticeable finish. Krazy Glue can also be used on wood, ceramic, and metal.

Drying time: 30 seconds | Size: 0.18 oz | Compatibility: Plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, porcelain, leather, vinyl, rubber

Best All-Purpose

3M Scotch General Purpose Super Glue

3M Scotch General Purpose Super Glue

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  • Works with multiple materials
  • Fine tip
  • No-run formula
  • Dries out quickly

Whether you have a project in mind or want something for your toolkit, 3M Scotch General Purpose Super Glue is a great product to have on hand. This all-purpose adhesive boasts a quick-drying, no-run formula used to bond metal, wood, ceramic, rubber, plastic, leather, and fabrics. The fine tip makes precision applications a breeze too.

Drying time: Not listed | Size: 0.07 oz | Compatibility: Wood, metal, leather, ceramic, rubber, some plastics, and more

Best for Metal

J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Formula Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Formula Steel Reinforced Epoxy

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  • Perfect for heavy-duty repairs
  • Very powerful
  • Great value
  • Some believe there are consistency issues in the formula

If you’re working with metal, your best bet is J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Formula. It comes with a steel-reinforced epoxy and a hardener, but don’t let the two-part system deter you. Just mix equal parts of the products and then apply the glue as needed on your pipes, car parts, drains, screens, fixtures, or appliances.

Once it sets and cures, J-B Weld Original will be dark gray, blending in with most metals. At that point, you’ll have an exceedingly strong waterproof bond that can be drilled or sanded down if needed.

Drying time: 4-6 hours to set | Size: 2-10 oz | Compatibility: Metal, plastic & PVC, wood, concrete, ceramic & tile and fiberglass

Best for Glass

Loctite Glass Glue

Loctite Glass Glue

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  • Clear and colorless
  • Fast-acting
  • Perfect for glass
  • Cap can unscrew itself if not stored properly

Loctite Glass Glue is specially formulated to bond various glass types, including thick, thin, heavy, clear, crystal, stained, tinted, and opaque. Whether you’re repairing a window or fixing a broken stem on a wine glass, you can count on this super glue to get the job done—no clamping necessary. It’s also waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and resistant to heat.

Drying time: 15-60 seconds | Size: 0.071 oz | Compatibility: Glass to glass, glass to metal, stained glass, crystal and tinted glass

Best for Wood

DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement

DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement

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  • Strong hold
  • Simple to apply
  • Suitable for heavy-duty repairs
  • Expensive

For wood applications, we suggest Weldwood Original Contact Cement. The versatile formula grabs on contact, forms instantly, dries in 15 to 20 minutes, and delivers a high-strength bond on many wood types.

This neoprene-based rubberized adhesive is also resistant to moisture, heat, weather damage, oil, and various household chemicals. It can also be used on laminate, metal, linoleum, acrylic, tile, rubber, leather, cork, and plastic veneers.

Drying time: Not listed | Size: 3 oz | Compatibility: Wood, tile, rubber, and more

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Best for Ceramic

The Original Super Glue Super Glue

The Original Super Glue Super Glue

  • Glue comes in its own storage container
  • Easy-to-open bottle
  • Multiple uses
  • Outer packaging may be difficult to open

The Original Super Glue has been around for over 80 years, and it still holds strong—pun intended—as one of the best cyanoacrylates on the market. It bonds instantly, sets within 30 seconds, and provides a powerful bond on various materials, including porcelain and ceramic.

The precision applicator tip makes it easy to apply to small items, like china, jewelry, memorabilia, collector’s items, and even artificial fingernails without any drips. Once dry, it’s also paintable and sandable.

Drying time: 10-30 seconds | Size: 0.84 oz | Compatibility: Wood, ceramic, fingernails, metal, pottery, plastic, china, jewelry, and more

Best for Fabric

Aleene’s Original Super Fabric Adhesive

Aleene's Original Super Fabric Adhesive

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  • Dries clear
  • Machine washable
  • Sets quickly
  • Tube can get a bit messy

The best option for fabric is Aleene’s Original Super Fabric Adhesive. This permanent glue dries quickly and offers a clear, flexible bond on cotton, denim, nylon, linen, elastic, and other cloth types. It can be used to attach various embellishments, too, like beads, sequins, and lace. Aleene’s Original is also machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about items falling apart in the laundry.

Drying time: Not listed | Size: 2 oz | Compatibility: Fabric, leather, vinyl, cotton and polyester blends, felt, denim, canvas, satin, and more

Best Remover

Bob Smith Industries Debonder for All Super Glues

Bob Smith Industries Debonder for All Super Glues

  • Removes superglue from skin
  • Fast-acting
  • Super convenient
  • Could damage soft plastics

Sometimes, the best super glues work so well that they almost work too well. That’s why it’s good to have a tube of Bob Smith Industries Debonder at the ready. This super glue remover softens cured cyanoacrylates. A few drops go a long way, completely dissolving dry, bonded glue within about a minute. While it can be used on many surfaces and materials—including skin and clothes—it will soften most plastics, too, so be careful when applying.

Drying time: Not listed | Size: 1 oz | Compatibility: Skin and other materials

Final Verdict

Gorilla Super Glue Gel is our top pick because the quick-drying anti-drip formula can be used at any angle on many different materials, and you can rely on its extra-strong, long-lasting hold. If you’re on a budget, Loctite Super Glue Gel Control comes at a slightly lower price, works well, and resists heat, freezing temperatures, extreme weather, impact, and shock.

What to Look For in a Super Glue


The packaging of your super glue can be the deciding factor on a stressful or easy application. Many bottles are designed for a mess-free application with a thin tip for precision. While many brands claim to be run or drip-free, but results may vary.

Another consideration when it comes to packaging is the amount of glue you get per brand and per product. If you plan to use super glue very often in your day to day life, it may make sense to invest in a larger bottle to get more of a bank for your buck. Note that smaller bottles are definitely more difficult to handle and use right from the package.

Drying Time

Slow drying times can leave you holding two things together for minutes or hours hoping they will stick so you can move onto the next part of your project. Luckily, many of these picks share their drying times and they tend to be 30 seconds or less. Drying time is something to consider when planning projects and also gives you a heads up on how long you have to wait before your pieces are set.

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Intended Use

The most important factor is finding the right super glue for your project, whether you are working with wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, fabric, or more. Thankfully, many super glues are multi-use and can be applied to multiple materials without fail. Still, it helps to look into what each glue is best suited for and then match it to your project. This will ensure the most success for your glue and your project.

How do you remove super glue from skin?

There are many ways to remove super glue if it accidentally gets on your skin. One way is simply soaking in warm, soapy water until the glue comes off. If that doesn’t work, you can try soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover or acetone and applying it to the glue. For sensitive skin, other remedies include applying lemon juice, laundry detergent, butter or oils, or a classic glue remover. These methods are always applicable for various materials if you want to remove glue from plastic, glass, metal, etc.

Is super glue waterproof?

Super glue is designed to be waterproof. Once set, it is meant to protect against the elements, whether rain or snow or impact and shock. However, super glue can weaken after prolonged exposure to water, especially if in heat. Also note that some glues are more suitable than others for outdoor elements like water and heat.

How should you store super glue?

Fast-acting glues can sometimes dry out in their bottles, decreasing their use over time, but correctly storing your glue can increase its longevity. The most important rule is be sure to close the lid of your bottle or tube securely every time you use your glue. This prevents moisture from entering the packaging, which can cause the glue to thicken or harden. Also, be sure to wipe off any excess glue that may have dripped outside of the package. You can also keep your glue in the fridge. Many glues react poorly to heat, so keeping it cool increases its shelf life. Just be sure to clearly and accurately label your glue and keep it out of reach of children. To prevent moisture condensation, allow your glue to reach room temperature before opening and using the product. Following these tips will ensure your glue lasts as long as possible and performs successfully each time.

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