Joanna Gaines Stove La Cornue Cost

Joanna Gaines Stove La Cornue Cost

Joanna Gaines Stove La Cornue Cost

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Why Consider La Cornue?

Immerse yourself in the warm intimacy of hearth and home while you savor the rich piquant of your superbly-crafted delicacies, from entrée to entremets, as your La Cornue range transports you to the heart of France, right from your very own kitchen.

The iconic design élégant of La Cornue ranges, rotisseries and hoods is immediately recognizable, making these pieces instantaneous showpieces that attirer l’attention, and display your love affair with all things sumptuous. With more than 8,000 custom options, sizes, and color schemes to choose from you can create a most magique and romantique cuisine spécialisée.

This petite company of only 60 craftsmen, focuses exclusively on one thing: Crafting exquisite cuisine experiences. Each bespoke La Cornue range is crafted by hand in a process so labor intensive that it requires each individual artisan to remain with each project all the way from the initial design phase up through the moment it is crated to be shipped.

More than just a simple cooking implements, around your La Cornue range is where friends and family will gather to share stories and experiences, to laugh, and to cry, and to make delectable souvenirs précieux. These exclusive, heart-centered appliances are built to last and become charming heirloom pieces. Pass your La Cornue forward and to keep your descendents connected to their history while making their own beautiful memories for generations to come.

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La Cornue in Contemporary American Culture:

Joanna Gaines has built the kitchen for her upcoming cooking show around her stainless steel and brass La Cornue Chateau 150 range. Celine Dion, LeBron James, Blake Lively, and Ellen Pompeo all enjoy making magic and memories in their La Cornue kitchens.

Are La Cornue Appliances Good?

La Cornue manufactures truly special and exceptional ranges and appliances. They are all made by hand in France by a small team of artisans with expertise in steel, copper, brass, and so much more. Upon arriving in the US, a team of people put every single piece through a rigorous inspection before sending it to your home, where another team of people put it through another rigorous check before installation. They use the best materials available, and continuously look for ways to improve upon their craft.

Is La Cornue Considered a High-End Brand?

La Cornue is at the top of the top of high-end ranges. You could spend anywhere between $8,500 – $56,000 for the pleasure of designing and cooking on such a remarkable, memorable, and one-of-a-kind, handmade, French range. While, for sure, the cooking elements are remarkably well-crafted to last lifetimes, what makes this brand so unique and special is its 100+ year legacy of French artistry, craftsmanship and gastronomy, and its romantic aura.

Who Makes La Cornue Appliances & Where are They Made?

La Cornue is owned by Middleby Corporation, who also own Viking, Lynx, and several other luxury residential appliance brands. La Cornue appliances are made in France. The Chateau line is made-to-order in a workshop in Saint-Ouen l’Aumone, just outside of Paris.

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Where Can I Find La Cornue Appliances On Sale?

Only 240 retailers around the world sell La Cornue appliances, and Designer Appliances is one them. Contact us for a price quote, or speak to one of our designers to help you plan your perfect La Cornue kitchen.

How to Take Care of Your La Cornue Appliances

An important thing to note is that La Cornue ranges do not come with a self-cleaning function. These handmade ovens are specially built to last for generations, and the intense heat needed for self-cleaning could potentially decay the oven seal and compromise the efficiency of the oven.

For complete installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions, as well as cooking tips for your specific product line, visit the La Cornue USA website where you will find a thorough library of printed materials and how-to videos.

Where To Buy La Cornue

Looking for the best place to shop for La Cornue? Designer Appliances is an authorized La Cornue dealer and our large La Cornue showcase gives you a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at La Cornue’s entire product lineup.