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How to Remove a Computer from Accessing Steam

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Do you no longer want your computer to access your Steam account? Maybe you’re getting rid of that computer or giving it to a friend. You can easily remove access from Steam, but you only have the option to deauthorize every device and computer attached to your account. That means that even though the computer you want to deauthorize is no longer logged into your Steam account, everything else, like your PS4, is also logged out and you’ll have to log it back in. This wikiHow article teaches you how to remove a computer from accessing your Steam account.

Things You Should Know

  • Remove all the devices connected to your Steam account by going to your account.
  • Click "Manage Steam Guard" and select "Deauthorize all devices."
  • Re-log into your Steam account on devices that you want to access Steam, like your PS4.

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Click Manage Steam Guard . Scroll down and you’ll find this under the "Account Security" header.

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