What Is The Android Version Of Siri

7 Android versions of Siri

What Is The Android Version Of Siri

Smartphones are equipped with artificial intelligence software that can understand your voice commands. The most popular of these is Siri for Apple. Siri can do a lot of things from making calls, sending texts, playing your favorite songs, setting reminders and even searching for the nearest restaurant or movie theaters. However, Siri is only available on Apple’s iPhones. AndAnsroid users need not to worry though, because there are Android versions of Siri.

The Android version of Siri – Google Assistant


While Apple has Siri, Android has responded with Google Assistant. It replicates what Siri does. Specifically, things like setting up reminders, making calls, and looking up news can all be handled by simply asking Google Assistant to do so. What differentiates them is that Google Assistant claims to have an ability to predict your desires and needs.



Windows phone users on the other hand have Cortana. Along with what you would expect from Siri or Google Assistant, one great feature of Cortana is the ability to send a text message or call someone from your laptop when you don’t have your phone with you.


assistant ai.jpg

Assistant.ai is the highest rated personal assistant app developed by Speaktoit. It’s like an Android version of Siri because it can primarily do what Siri can. It uses natural language understanding and voice recognition to interact with users. Assistant.ai is able to crack corny jokes and also perform many other comparable tasks to Siri. It also tries to make suggestions based on your preferences.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant


This Android version of Siri comes from Nuance, the makers of advanced voice dictation software for PCs and mobile devices. Dragon Mobile Assistant can do many things Siri does such as dialing phone numbers, setting alarms and reminders, playing music, finding a restaurant, etc. You can also update your social media status as well as creating emails using your voice. Aside from this, it can sense when you’re in a moving vehicle and switches to hands-free and eyes-free access. The Dragon Assistant offers customizable wake up words to which the app will respond and obey your commands.



No, this is not Iron Man’s handy AI personal assistant, but it has the same sense of humor as Tony Stark’s Jarvis. It makes jokes and gives fun responses to your questions. It is comparable to Siri and other Android AI apps as far as basic use goes. Aside from this, you can ask Jarvis to turn on your device’s flashlight or to open Chrome, set wallpapers, turn your WIFI off, or play a song. What’s more is you can control Jarvis via a Bluetooth headset if you have one. Jarvis currently only supports English, but at the very least the app is free to download.



Ozlo is another AI personal assistant that works for you. Just like Siri, you can ask questions, and teach it your preferences. Ozlo is best for recommendations on where to eat and drink. The more you use Ozlo, the more it gets to know you and what to recommend. Ozlo does have its limitations. Ozlo can’t send someone a message or manage your schedule. Additionally, you must type your requests to Ozlo, as it is no voice recognition abilities. The Ozlo app is free to download.

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Hound is another AI app that works like a personal assistant. It gives you fast and deep results to what you ask for. It can perform simple tasks like looking up the weather, making phone calls, sending a text, finding restaurants, etc. Hound uses speech recognition similar to Siri to perform your tasks faster without you typing.

These digital artificial intelligence apps are gaining popularity because they act like a personal assistant. You talk to them and they serve you. Unlike a personal assistant, none of these apps have the follow through to handle actual chores, errands or physical tasks such as assisting with dry cleaning, or bring your dog to the groomers.


Magic, a text based personal assistant service, is an option available across all devices as well.


Magic uses artificial intelligence and software to respond quickly and manage the complexities of your request. Like Android’s version of Siri, Google Assistant, Magic also has the ability to learn about you and your preferences. Also, it works via text so you don’t have to download any app.

Additionally, Magic has a team of dedicated personal assistants working with the software, so that physical tasks can be accomplished. Whether you need an event organized, dry cleaning picked up, or groceries delivered, Magic can help. Pro-tip: Use your phone’s voice to text dictation and save your thumbs some energy.

It’s frustrating when Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana can’t handle your tasks, or even worse- don’t understand what the request is. Generally, you’re asking because you don’t want to do it yourself. Magic can perform the task so that you can spend your time on other things. Magic charges $35/hour and pro rates to the minute. Magic is available 24/7, year round (even on holidays). Try Magic- now.

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