What To Eat With Tater Tot Casserole

9 Family-Friendly Tater Tot Casseroles

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Published on October 21, 2023
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glass casserole full of tater tot hot dish

If you’re looking for quick, kid-friendly casseroles that the adults will also devour, meet the tater tot casserole. Or maybe you know it as the tater tot hot dish. Whatever you call it, this comfort food classic is always a family favorite. Topped with tots and baked, the golden-brown potato nuggets become a textural and taste sensation — crunchy exterior, soft interior. Try these top-rated tater tot casseroles for easy weeknight meals. You can even assemble and freeze ahead of time, and then just pop in the oven for dinner. So easy!

Tatertot Casserole

Tatertot Casserole

Frozen tots, Cheddar cheese, browned ground beef, and cream of mushroom soup combine for a comfort food classic that preps in about 10 minutes and is on the table in about 40. Recipe reviewer hpedwards used the broiler at the end to toast the tots and brown the cheese a bit.

Easy Tater Tot® Casserole

close up of a casserole dish of tater tot casserole

This tater tot casserole adds diced sauteed onions and garlic powder to the mix. "Anything that gets my picky 6 year old to say ‘yum!’ and clean her plate is a win in my book, but I really enjoyed this as well," says mkm. "Great comfort food!"

Tater Tot Taco Casserole

Tater Tot Taco Casserole

The Midwest hot dish gets a Mexican-style makeover here, with melted Mexican cheeses, taco-seasoned ground beef, and beans. "Just what the grandkids ordered," says Mama Smith. "Tater tots, Mexican food, and cheese! This is one of those meals that you can throw together with ingredients you would normally have on hand. Great for pot luck or a quick meal for unexpected company. Some kids don’t like onion or garlic; these can be omitted."

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Tater Tot Hot Dish II

Tater Tot Hot Dish II

This version of the classic tater tot casserole combines condensed cream of mushroom soup and cream of celery soup and crowns itself with French-fried onion rings. You can also add green beans over the ground beef mixture if you like. "This is THE BOMB!" raves Eyecandy88. "Economical for a family to make. I replaced the cream of mushroom with cream of cheddar cheese and it tasted soooo good my family loved it!!"

Tater Tots® Casserole

a serving of cheese-topped casserole in a white ceramic bowl garnished with a big sprig of Italian parsley

The secret here is in the seasonings. Worcestershire sauce, Montreal steak seasoning, and garlic powder kick it up. "Excellent recipe!" raves cakiemarie. "There is very little left after just my husband and I eat dinner. I make this in large batches and put three to four in the freezer for later, just thaw in the refrigerator and bake as directed. It makes for wonderful meals when we are too busy to cook."

Grandma’s Meat and Tater Hotdish

glass casserole full of tater tot hot dish

Grandma knows best. And here’s how she gets it done! A combination of ground beef, green beans, tater tots, and a delicious creamy mushroom sauce with sour cream and Velveeta cheese .

Savory Tater Tot Casserole

Savory Tater Tot Casserole

Frozen mixed vegetables make this a complete meal, with ground beef layered in a casserole dish with chopped onions, mixed vegetables, cream of chicken soup, and tater tots on top. "My whole family loved this recipe," says NRSRORRY. "They begged me to make another casserole the next night. this goes great with corn and green beans. My mother put corn in the casserole and the kids loved that, too."

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Creamy Tater Tot Casserole

casserole dish of tater tot casserole covered in shredded cheese

Cream of chicken soup, sour cream, and a topping of buttery corn flakes and Parmesan cheese are the secrets to this easy, cheesy, meatless tater tot casserole. "This recipe is fabulous!" rave SMILEYONE7. "I can take this recipe to any potluck, barbecue or make it for my family and it is always devoured! I have actually had to start doubling the recipe to make enough because people love it so much!"

Tater Tot Hot Dish I

high angle looking down at a casserole dish of tater tot hot dish

Quick cooking oats are the secret here, combining with extra-lean beef, chopped onions, condensed cream of mushroom soup, canned milk, and a topping of tater tots. "My husband and grandsons love this dish," says Cathgayle. "I add a bag of frozen corn on top of the hamburger before the tater tots. You can substitute cream of chicken soup or cream of celery. Very good quick and easy!"

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